How to Publish My Kodular App on Oppo, Vivo,Samsung,MI Store

Hallo Kodular Team

My App is already is on Play Store but I want to increase its range from just a Play Store app.
(As we have heard “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”)

My App:

The problem is I have heard that Kodular doesn’t allow apps to show ads that are not on the Play Store. So If I upload my APK on eg: MI App Store does my app will show ads.

Also, I have heard that Facebook Audience Network also doesn’t show ads on apps that are not on the Play Store.
So How to solve the Facebook Ads issue too.

If anyone has any Idea regarding these problems please reply

Thanks in advance.

I want publish my app on galaxy store but when i submit for review it says you must have on galaxy specials.