How to pull text value from a string returned from reading SQLite table

I have a string as follows, stored in a global variable that was returned from SQLite query -

Player,Apollo,7/15/202,TRUE, … etc

I need to extract the first value, Player, from the string and assign to a label. Did much searching, still haven’t a clue. Did a bit of programming many years ago, so maybe looking for something like a substring that can count to the first comma and copy data from 1 to that position?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks - Len

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I think you can use the split block to separate your list by commas. Then take the item by the index number.

After , Try This block

Thank you, Rogerio_Rios!

Didn’t get that to work, but figured out that I should just pull the desired element from the table instead of the whole record (for this situation).

So, for any future readers of this post, this might be helpful.

Well, I didn’t know that I would use the Select return to take just one field. I saw that your Select returned some fields and you wanted to get only one. Well I already did it that way and it worked with several fields returned and I only got one. So your problem was not defining how to do a Select search to the bank. Hugs