How to put each item from a list to each button using dynamic button

hi need help just want to create up to 100 button list using dynamic button…my problem is how to put each item from a list to each button i create using dynamic button??..for example i have 5 item in a list…(AA,BB,CC,DD,EE)…how to put this on each button per item??
Button1 = AA
button2 = BB
button3 = CC
button4 = DD
Button5 = EE and so on…

I didn’t get you… Using for each item block what do you want to achieve can you explain in detail?

blocks (1)

Arrangement is of your Choice.

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thanks…it solve my problem…thank you so much

for example i create a 5buttons using dyanmic button.,.how i put a text on each button from a list per item…how to make it like this…

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