Searching question

does anyone know how to make:

(I am on screen1 and I list buttons with many buttons, and to make it easier for someone to find one of the buttons “how to make the searcher find one of the buttons on screen1”)

please give me a tutorial, as well as instructions for blocks

You can try this tutorial:


Isn’t that a list view? I want a “button that contains a link, and the button can be searched by the user …”

can it be like that? Or can the list view be clicked and given a link like a button?

You can make that easily, using the guide provided.

you will find a dynamic list view guide.You will just need to replace this dynamic list view with your dynamic buttons :wink:

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Then how do I create dynamic buttons that you mean? Sorry I’m still a beginner …

where can i find the guide ?, give me the link …

An example can be found here

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Oh, okay. Thanks for your informations

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