How to put Multiple Spotlight in a sequence, one after the other

This is a tutorial to make several Spotlight appear one after the other.

Something like in this:

First, we create a procedure to use whenever needed. We also created a variable (Spotlight) to control the messages.


Then we assign to a button (or it can be when the screen is initialized, or with whatever you want) the function of displaying the first message.

The following messages will be shown one after the other when you click on the screen.

We place the procedure and complete it with the values we need.


Here the SpotlightId is important. That’s a value we assign to it to identify one another’s Spotlight.

Then we use the Spotlight.Clicked event.


and so, using the SpotlightId you can show all the Spotlights you need.


Here is an aia file that explains how it works.
HowToSpotlightSecuence.aia (3.9 KB)


Simple but Great tutorial! Thank you for your contribution!

Just to make this complete I think that you should have also a block to set the variable Spotlight to zero after all the elements have been shown…
something like this…



hola. podrias ayudarme por favor necesito hacer lo mismo pero con el componente, side menu y tambien con el componente Bottom_Navigation1 como haga para que enfoque en cada opcion del menu lateral o con el componente Bottom_Navigation1 por favor espero que puedas ayudarme

Welcome @team_duarte. The official language of the forum is English. Could you please translate the text you typed.

Hi. could you help me please I need to do the same but with the component, side menu and also with the Bottom_Navigation1 component how to focus on each option of the side menu or with the Bottom_Navigation1 component please hope you can help me

I don’t know if that is possible. It looks to me that you get a spotlight on the whole component not on a part of it. The only thing to make it happen as you want is if you make your own sidemenu and bottom navigation with a custom layout. It will contain buttons etc so you can focus on them.


after very long ,a real guide topic:+1:


Good morning peter. I have tried to use spotlight in bottom navigation menu and it seems that it is not possible to open bottom menu and then make spotlight focus on a specific button. The bottom menu seems to go on the background and spotlight focuses on a white area…
If you have any idea please share it…
I hope to find some time to provide you with some screenshot or even better a simple aia… .

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I think there’s no way to do that directly with the Spotlight.

What you can do is make it look similar.

It happened to me that I wanted to indicate some components inside a Custom Dialog of the Notifier. When creating the custom dialog, the notifier hides everything and cannot be displayed.

The only solution I found was to make a screenshot on the mobile phone and edit that image in Paint Shop Pro so that it looks the same as it does in Spotlight.

Then I create a vertical arrangement and I put that image in the background.

Then in the spotlight blocks, when I get to that moment, I hide all the other arrangements and only see the vertical arrangement with the image. And as a component, I assign one that is hidden or that is close to where I want the texts to appear…


Omg ! Thank you so Much !

Is there a way to leave the mask up and just move the spotlight? I’m trying to create a tutorial and have it working except that between each one the mask fades out and then back in again.

How To Use Spotlight For One Time because in initialize screen, the spotlight will continue showing