How to put percentage values in dynamic components

Hello guys, I would like to put values ​​not in pixels (px) but in percentages (%) in the dynamic component of an image. NOTE: I don’t use extensions, I use the dynamic image tool found in the dynamic components section.

Usually components where you can change the height and width through properties will have properties named under…

  • HeightPercent
  • WidthPercent

Changing those properties with the extension is simple and there is no need for the % symbol. Enter the number you’d like and that’s all!


As a default app will save as px whenevr you add values. That time use %

i.e do not use number alone as 3
Use number and symbol as 3%

0.1 means 1%, 0.2 means 2%, 0.3means 3%,…1 means 100%

Pixels is different from percent, its not making decimal.
On HeightPercent and WidthPercent you should imput simply 50 for 50%

Extension to get percentage from pixel height or width of component

Basically, it’s just a calculation of the percentage of the width or height of the pixel times the percentage you want it to be and returns the pixel value of that percentage.

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You can do that yourself though, there’s no need to use an extension… just do height (or width) × (percent as decimal without symbol) and you get the result?

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yes … of course…

width = 360px
in percent 360px = 100%

if you want to make it 50%,
then 50x360:100 = 180px = 50% of the width.

You can change it as you like.