How to put UI Audio Bar on app

Hello everyoone, I need help for this. I will put audio in MP3 extension on my screen in app, I think it will appear UI audio bar but nothing appear. How to appear the UI audio bar in Kodular so I can set the play and pause button and the duration bar on the audio I install as like on image below

You have to create, if you want to show like provided image


how to create the UI Audio Bar on Kodular?

Not that hard for example

You forgot the aia file.

what is aia mean? if i put MP3 on “slider” the audio it will appear or not?

can you show me the tutorial to get that? because i had try but not same as you.

I have used as you see in image above a cardview with a horizontal arrangement in it. Then I placed in HA 3 labels, a slider and 2 labels. Labes use material icons as fonts

okay i get that, but how to connect the MP3 audio with that icons so the MP3 audio can play and can make a sound?