How to read QRCode in the app?

Does the barcode_scanner module read QR Code? How to use it?

Yes, it does.

Here is an tutorial for you… (Hindi Audio) Though, you can find a dozens of them on YouTube!

yes it does, as @asimjib93 said, ad its very simple, just set any button to scan code, and in blocks use when button click, call do scan, and after scan show result in any text or label,

Thank you. You helped a lot. I am beginning to understand.

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its very easy to use, you will understand it easily, if you need any help then ask here again.

Thank you very much. At the moment, I have two open topics.

  1. About List_Pick
  2. How to turn JSON into a professional report.

will be answered by everyone soon as they come , you will get solution for sure,

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Can I Scan/Read QR code from image.
My SD card have QR code image i can scan or Read QR code image from SD card.

well i think you cant… you need any optical device to scan like camera.

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