How to read the metadata with exoplayer

Good morning… I have a problem… I use the block to get the metadata of my streaming with exoplayer but it doesn’t show me anything… the streaming contains the data correctly… can someone help me or if there is any other way to show the data of the songs that are played

This is how I have it configured but it doesn’t work for me… I clarify that in other formats (web) the metadata comes out

Works fine, I checked again.

If you like, I’ll send you the IP and you check your… I’ve already deleted everything several times and I can’t get it to tell me the data

This is an endless stream, so the source is constantly changing, so that ExoPlayer might not be able to read the metadata if it exists at all.

And how do you know that the meta data is there?

because in other players it shows me the songs that are played as they change

Only the title: