Metadata/info or "now playing" on exo player url stream

Hi there! I am sorry to bother you with your great work. But I am in desperate need of some help. I found no solution on forums/internet/youtube etc about how to get stream/track/artist/song info from url stream. I am building an simple app, using exoplayer to play our radio stream. But I am not able to have a label to show any metadata/info about what is playing. Also i tried several url’s like pls,m3u,shoutcast and so on. Is some of the blocks defect? Really need this to work, please advice. Thanks

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Shoutcast Example:



works fine:


i cant get it to work…,any&br=64000,any&m=m3u,any&br=64000,any&m=pls,any&br=64000,any&m=asx,any&br=64000,any&m=txt,any&br=64000,any&m=sc,any&br=64000,any&m=flash


How should it work if you have audio tracks that do not contain metadata?


Wait what? No metadata? That is very strange because the radio tracks show up on other players… This cant be. There has to be info/metadata somewhere… Man I really need this to work, Im good with alot of things, but when it comes to this, I wish i was better… On my 5th day today trying to find a solution… the radio is at if that helps. How would one come about solving this, beccause i know there has to be some info somewhere, Ive seen it in other android players for the same radio but couldnt find who made it to ask them… Really need some professionals for this dang.

Your M3U (listen.m3u) does not contain any metadata, so it’s missing data for an extended M3U:

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I am speachless… This guy is telling me it should work but with out the SSL only http… Can you try this instead please:,any&br=64000,any&m=m3u

Why do you send the same file again?

Oh you allready tried with http, ok thanks. This guy is contacting spacial samcloud to have them resolve this issue. I will let you know when I get an update, thanks alot for your help so far. Crossing my fingers for spacial to fix this crop.

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