How to redirect users to this notifications settings

I want to redirect users to this notifications settings when notification settings button click in app how to redirect them ?

Already the same topic was unlisted by the Mod from here,

Just use vertical arrangment + horizontal arrangement + few labels + switch + logical sequence, thats all

That topic was closed by the moderator still i didn’t got the solution.

Try this logic

then how it will redirect to the settings
do i need to use activity starter ?
If yes then what to write in activity starter ?

When screen initialise or user clicks any button make this arrangement visible to true

Which arrangement ?
Image which i shown to you is android settings not vertical arrangement.

These are android settings, not any vertical arrangement or screen.
I want to open those settings on button click.
Just i need logic for this.
please someone help in this

Is this image is of your app

Image which is in red colour is of my app & side image is the image of android settings of app (notification).

I want to redirects the user to this android setting page (It is not a screen or any arrangement).
You can find those settings in app info.

Is there not any activity starter (like android.settings.SETTINGS) for Notification Settings ?

or any other method ?

Works on API26+


Or you can use this to get to settings of the app


Thanks a lot my problem is solved.

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