How to refresh firebase token correctly

(Jonix) #1

I’m using mirxtrem extension to login/signup to firebase.
idToken is valid for temporary time so i need to use refreshToken block to renew it but when im trying to get new token it i see nothing (into label text)
note that login/signup is in screen2

(Philipp Lang) #2

Why you want to refresh the token. Make after an hour a new sign in.
the Token should changed each hour.
To if your token get changed make a new sign in and get a new token with that.
This shoudl work also.

The database (firebase) is often reset
(Jonix) #3

I want to make tests to see if it works to me
why to sign in every time if I can replace the token, I want to learn how to change it correctly.
do you have suggestion how my blocks should be? bcz i couldnt make it work properly