How to remove block from bag

I want to remove the block from my bag

I press delete button non-thing happen

How I can delete the blocks

Yess I when I press Delete button one Pop up message come and say “report bug to kodular”
I have reported 100 Time still bug is there

To remove a single block from backpack :point_down:

  1. Open Backpack
  2. Right click on the block which you want to remove
  3. From the appearing menu select Remove from Backpack option :point_down:


To empty the whole backpack at once
  1. Right click on the backpack.
  2. Select Empty the Backpack option :point_down:



Ok but I have added lots of blocks because I don’t know about the bug

I have too much blocks in my bag any other way to delete all blocks from my bag

I already answered :point_down: this :point_up:

Are you getting any issue doing this?

I say when I do pop message come “report bug to kodular”


I am using firefox browser

I will try again in another Browser

Everything is working fine for me…
I am also using FireFox browser

Wait I am trying in opera browser

Maybe it was just cached. Refresh the page with Ctrl + F5

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Yes now its working

I pressed ctrl + F5 now is working

Now my bag is empty

Thank you @WatermelonIce @Vaibhav


Kindly mark post 5 as solution.

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I already done :white_check_mark:

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