How to Remove Commission Now

How to Remove Commission Now

Removing commission is not available but you can use Google Ads Manager where you can get higher revenues.

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When I use google ads manager, the commission ad will not play?

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There are no commission ads, Kodular will take 15% of app’s ads revenue.


Check here

For New banner component 20% Live Commission

For New Interstitial ad 19% Live Commission

Sad news :raised_hands:
And add Fixed rate for components also.

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After few weeks may be they can remove all other monetization components and there will be only 2 components banner and interstitial of Google ad Manager which they introduced in Fenix update.

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Not sure where you got the “after few weeks” date from. We haven’t specified a timeframe in our announcement. You will be able to use existing ad networks for the considerable future, and we will give you ample time to switch to our new monetisation programme when we deprecate existing components.

Besides, you will be able to continue using other ad networks by means of mediation with our new components.


Thanks @Vishwas to explain process.

I know using Google ad Manager is better then using saperate ad components so it is a good move from Kodular.

It will save lots of time and also It will decrease the load of SDKs and other things for the user, Kodular will manage all things in background.

So I personally wanted the update Sooner.

How to add facebook ads to app without showing commission ads?