How to remove cursor after typing is over

I added “Owner: <text (name) box>” in the app and I want the cursor to disappear after name is written. I think I should add enter button which will disappear the cursor, if so then please tell ‘how to’ with the blocks code or any suggestions. Thanks.

Simply set the textbox.cursor visible to false.

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or you can add a hidden text box and use request focus on that hidden text box when you want to remove cursor from the main text box.


I want the cursor to be removed from backend…the problem am facing is that i have a form page so after someone is filling data in textbox and then scrolling down they reach a section where i have given them many options using checkbox…now since its a big section so when they scroll the previous textbox is not visible anyone…the issue is that after selecting the screen is moving up to the text box again…this is very annoying…please help on how i can just remove that cursor from textbox after entering text.

have you solve this?