How to remove multiple item from list while getting data from firebase?

I am getting the tags from firebabe, but from those tag i want to delete multiple tags before showing them to a list, but i dont understand what mistake i am doing its either not removing or showing error, can any one please help me?


I have seen multiple posts in the community but didnt help so creating this post…

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Index mean integer (1,2,3,4)…
You are using item there…

1st get index of that item with this block…

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Would u please mention which firebase tag is duplicated
Firebase does not make duplicate tags with in a same bucket If i am not wrong.
Yes values maybe same but not tags so u should not worry about duplicate tags.

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its not duplicate, i just want to remove those tags before showing them in the list…
The tags i want to remove are, 1.campaign 2.SignupPoint 3.Update

can anyone please help me i have to finish the project

are u want to delete tag from firebase

No, after getting data from firebase before showing in the list i want to remove some tags

u have to just remove items from the list

that’s what i want to do but as you can see my post at the top i couldn’t do it thats why i wanted help…

Use index in list block in index

tried didnt work

Not tested, but should work.

blocks (3)

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not working

can you show how it’s not working.

i tested it just now and it is working.

All the data not showing when using this logic

only 15 or 20tags showing in the list out of more than 100

No, Sorry i am now talking about -

nothing is showing in the list cause it contains campaign,SignupPoints&Update…the logic you used it will only show when this are not there but this tags are there

Should i share a test.aia

ok, Please do