How to remove screen1?

I noticed that now I’m working on the 3rd screen. I no longer need the 1st screen but it seems it cannot be deleted. What can I do?

Screen1 can not be deleted. You could use a clock component and immediately after opening screen1 go to another screen

Since I don’t know your language, I couldn’t take it completely. But I realized that it cannot be deleted. Well, will this cause a problem for me?

Not a problem… screen 1 is just like the main entrance of our home so you cannot delete the main… in the screen initiali block just do like this .

Like this you can bypass any screen

No problem, check this aia

close_app.aia (4.8 KB)

can i move screen 3 to screen 1?

Is Screen 1 empty ?

yes screen1 empty

Did you try this method? in the place of screen name, Did you try with Screen3?, which mean, when app starts directly will open Screen3

Since I understand you are a new user before doing anything download aia in your pc as backup. Then you can

  • From designer view copy design from Screen3 and paste it to Screen1
  • From blocks in Screen3 copy all blocks to backpack
  • From Blocks in Screen1 paste all blocks to backpack
  • If everything works fine delete Screen3
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yes i am new user. where is the copy button?


it doesn’t allow

Right click on arrangement, select copy, after that go to other screen, right click, paste. If you have more than one arrangement then you should repeat this for all


copy doesn’t appear when i click it. apology.

@dora_paz , @Still-learning I think he/she needs to learn somethings from his/her own experience. Just a suggestion! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m really a retar_d

I finally found it and I’m doing it…

Thank you very much, my problem has been solved

What have you did it to resolve??

The pictures below are for move screeen1 to screen2.Decide what you want to carry yourself. screen1= screenx

Warning: Note that you will have to copy everything one by one! and you should take a backup first.

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