How to remove specific part in WebView app

Hi guys.
I want to remove a specific menu from my WebView app but I don’t know where to place the JavaScript in here
I’m removing the circled menu below

but I don’t know where to place the JavaScript I’ve checked online but I didn’t see anything related to this
I will be glad if this works out.
Thanks in advance

@Gopal_Krishn_pandey was messaged me the other day asking me to give my apk and said he/she is a tester of kodular app or tester of hacked app.

You might consider to give your .aia or .apk to somebody you don’t know as they might steal your app (i don’t say that he is a thief or something).

You can check the detail of your .aia by yourself through this:


Thanks for the advice. I will yield to the advice

But pls where where and how do I add my JavaScript to the app

I understand that the way of asking APK is wrong, but he actually Helped me Secure my Apps from Hackers. The Motive or his Aim is not wrong but his Way of aproach is wrong


Thanks guys I fixed it but I’m gonna show you guys how I fixed it


Hi guys…
This is my final post here. Check the video below to see how I fixed it

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