How to remove the ad placement request in Kodular?

Good morning, I am trying to publish in the Play Store an educational game app for children created with kodular, however, when trying to choose the age group I get the following message: "You must withdraw the application for location permissions from your application if you Target audience only includes children under the age of 13 "But the app doesn’t ask for location permission, however I realized that by including the ads, Kodular schedules the app to ask for location detection permission, I want to remove this location permission request. … Could you please indicate how I can solve the problem?

Thank you very much for your attention, I look forward to your response as soon as possible.

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I don’t think so ads are creating such prblms

Search the forum. It’s unlikely it’s to do with ads.

The only way you can do this is by decompiling your apk, removing permission, compile back to apk


Hi, I m having same problem, did you solve it???

:arrow_down: See this to know how to decompile app

Boban already answered. Read before posting.

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Hello. Thank you @Boban, this works.

Though, I would like to discuss the following. Do you think that this is the correct way to treat this? I mean, I have the same issue. I have an app targeted for children below 13 years old, and I am using interstitial ads, which requests for location access, in order to request for the user consent on personalized ads only for EU citizens (here comes the location access). When I remove the location persmission, no personalized ads consent will be requested from the user.

Additionally, I would like to ask you what does the button “Target for Children” and “Target Age” do, in the properties of the Kodular component Admob interstitial?

And finally, do you possibly know how is this issue treated by app developers outside the Kodular platform?