How to request and grant MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission

I want to write data in MS-Excel(in computer) than save file as .csv than copy to mobile and convert to csv.
I make everything but when i open my app in android 11+ and click file picker button than it says permission denied but when i see in app info storage permission aready on

you might want to store the csv in your Google Drive and download it from there to the ASD of your app
like this you do not need any storage permission


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But in my case not.
Ialso check by uploadimg file in firebase storage but no

If you do it like this

theoretically you do not need storage permission
If it does not work like that, then because of a Kodular bug… in this case just ask for storage permission

Unfortunately you forgot to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so there is not much we can do now…


I just make a button and use file picker extension .
When button click it should go to storage and when i choose .csv file than it should do other work etc…

But i am not able to go storage in android 10+ .even i allow storage permission from app info but it always says permission denied

and again


let’s take a look at Some basics on Android storage system
which means, to read non media files from the folder /Download or /Documents, which have not been created by your app, you have to use SAF

or just follow my previous suggestion

EDIT 1: or if you use the AllFilesPrermission.aix by @bodymindpower from post #1 then don’t forget to drag the extension into the working area and test using the apk file
if you test and it does not work, then do it step by step… after picking a file, display the file path in a label to find out, if that path makes sense to read it using the file component

EDIT 2: also I do not see you asking for permission in your blocks… screenshot taken from the example in post #1


I also try this extension but failed.
When i use companion than its working correctly but when i export apk and try it from apk than it always sys permission was not granted even i enable all permissions from app info manually .
Is companion made with kodular ?? Or android studio ?

because you forgot to ask for permission, see my screenshot in the last post

No i do all process and i ask permission in another screen (screen name permission.)
And when button1 click it goes to permission screen and get all permissions and than close screen

Try a simple project, for example from the first post of this thread and get this running first before continuing with your large project


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a doubt, it is necessary to remove "android:maxSdkVersion=“29”?

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" android:maxSdkVersion="29" />

Can you explain why you think so?
Also let us know, why are you asking in this thread, which is about Manage External Storage permission…