How to request and grant MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission

In this guide I show you, how to request and grant → MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE on devices with Android 11+. Be aware that this permission is usually not granted by Google. However, let’s assume the app is only intended for private use or for special users or for other app stores .

This permission must be declared in the Manifest ( since it is not declared the Companion app you can’t test this with Companion):

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>

Here is a small extension that declares this permission automatically in the Manifest (and let you check the API level of the device):
AllFilesPermission.aix (4.3 KB)

Check this on your Android 11+ devices: manageExtStorageK.apk (5.2 MB)


Tried but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t give permissions to read mp3 files

did the example project work for you?
do you plan to publish your app on Google Play?

Yes, it works perfectly on android version 9, and I plan to publish it on Google Play. But as I couldn’t make it work in version 11, the publication is not viable.

then the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE solution will not work for you


How can i get permission to

With this permission also i cant access
Is there any solution

wow, so greate

Is there any way
I want to prepare particular app for me only not globally or not to publish any where please help me, thanks in advance

Thank you!

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can you upload aia file?

can you solve this problem without extension. because limitation of extension 5 only

Yes you can… just edit the manifest manually…

As you already know… Be aware that this permission is usually not granted by Google.


I don’t understand what you say about that… can you gave me example of some blocks :pleading_face:


Please share aia file
Because i am not able to do this.
Please share aia file

What exactly are you not able to do?
Please elaborate
What are you trying to do?
Why do you think, the MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is the solution for you?
Do you plan to upload your app to Google Play?


No i have no plan to upload my app to playstore.
I just make app for myself to convert .csv file into listview.
Therefore i need to gave storage permission to read csv or any file from storage.
I mean when i click file picker button than i pick file from storage and show it in list view.
So please gave me aia file than i edit the aia file and i will be able to run my app in 11+ android properly
Please aia file

this is not necessary if you store the csv file in shared storage, like /Download

sorry, I do not have an aia file, bur if you post a screenshot of your relevant blocks, I might be able to help…

where is the csv file originally coming from?