FileTools : Some tools to work with files

Is it work with android 11

Is it worked on android 11

Only if files belong to your app.

  • What kind of file (media / non media)?
  • Where is this file located?
  • Where does this file come from?

Show your relevant blocks.

Answer all questions:

Actually the app is for my own purpose no need to publish

I saw this and i tried but after this also it is unable to acess Android/obb
I want to just rename files in obb with my app

Thanks, seems to works like a charm here to verify and delete the file

how to copy assets file to storage

use the Copy method…
remember: you only are able to copy to shared storage, see also the overview



How do I get the content of a file back so I can show it to
the video player

I didn’t see an option for adding a file. Could that maybe be added?
If that’s what a directory is for, let me know.

That feature is not available in this extension, as you can use the File component.

Why android.permission.MANAGE_EXTERNAL_FILES is asked is it dangerous ?

see you other trhead in the App Inventor community Pick Pdf file on Android12 - #38 by Abbas_Gasri - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community
please do not crosspost… first choose a builder and then only ask in that community… thank you…

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