Go url web view, net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED

Try this

WebViewTest_1.aia (38.4 KB)

Thx dora_paz! Worked as a charm! What did I wrong?

I also tried customwebview but with same errors. Can you provide me with a working solution with customwebview?

I recalled a similar problem with chart extension and file access so I used another extension

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Thanx I will use that extension

I’m affraid I was too eager to flag my problem as solved.

With WebViewTest_1.aia provided by dora_paz, the ERR_ACCESS_DENIED problem is solved in Companion-mode but I still get the runtime error ‘Failed resolution of: Lorg/acra/ACRA;’ while in APK-mode.

What can I do to solve this?

Thanks again!

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Thanx dora_paz for pointing out to the ‘Lorg/acra/ACRA’ topic, I also read that topic but couldn’t find the solution for the problem.

It is mentioning that Dendritas Table needs ‘WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE’ this is set in the screen.initialize section.

What do I need to do more?

Try this apk for me it works with no errors, tested on android 9

WebViewTest.apk (5.4 MB)

Thanks again Dora_paz! This APK worked on my phone.

What did you change? Can you share they aia?

WebViewTest1.aia (41.5 KB)

I removed from screen initialize block call ask for permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

Thx again Dora_paz for the aia.

Now i have the situation that the APK runs on 1 phone but not on the other (still the runtime ACRA error), so it seems phone/android version related.

The phone which works is an Samsung S8 and has android version 10, the phone where it doesn’t work is also an S8 with android version 11. What do i need to check more to find the reason for not working on 1 phone?

Well on android 11 if you request WRITE permission on Android 11, this permission will NOT be granted because it no longer exists on Android 11+. Try to use the following permission and see if it works otherwise you have to ask the developer of the extension to help you

I modified your aia (see attached) but I’m unsure if I did it correctly. The APK is not running on Android version 11.

WebViewTest4Android_11.aia (45.2 KB)

Did I modified the aia correctly? If so I will try to contact the extension developer.

Can test it right now on a android 11 device, so you have to test it and see if it works

I did test the modified version on a android 11 phone and it didn’t work. :frowning:

Therefore I asked you if you could confirm that I applied the changes in a correct way

Try to change android.settings.MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to android.settings.MANAGE_ALL_FILES_ACCESS_PERMISSION and see if it works

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Wow Dora_paz! You rock, that solved the problem.

Now the APK works on version 10 and 11. Just tested that

Thank you so much!

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Be aware that this permission is usually not granted by Google so I believe if your app is not intended for private use or for other app stores you should try to contact the developer to update extension in order to work on Android 11+ devices

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As I already have shown in my guide:

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