Play Console Warning : Issue found: Not a core feature

Give Solution please

Give some more information on what your app is and why you are asking for the permission

i am not asking any permission

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But How to resolve this problem. give proper solution please. if any one know solution of this problem please give proper solution

How did you declare this permission in the Manifest?
Did you use my extension?

yes. i am using your extension. but same problem

Remove it.

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I remove. But how will my problem be solved

In this way.

which way…


problem not solve please help us

Did you remove extension ?

can you give step by step guide because not understand this policy. my app does not need all file permission. how to declare permission in menifist i don’t known

You must remove the extension completely from the app / project (not just from the screen):

your solution not work.

show you permissions in Manifest

It does work.