Action Required: Your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies

Hi Guys!

I got this from GOogle Play Team:

Your app requests access to one or more of the following permissions:

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):


Additionally, follow these steps to bring your app into compliance:

Remove the use of the above-mentioned permissions from all version codes within the submission. This includes both production and testing tracks.

Can you please shed light how to remove this premission in backoffice?

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Thank you so much

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Hi anyone hasd this situation? Please help

why not ask your problem from google community otherwise declare read permission in your app

Hi, thank you very much for your response. What do you mean? I am asking in kodular community as this is the issue with app build. How do I remove this premission can you please guide me?

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it is a “simple” webview app

Share test aia

Anyone have a solution on how to remove default READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE premission?

I have send you private message. Kindly check it

On Kodular original WebView there is URL field

But on custom WebView there is not field to input URL

Where to input my URL??

Sorry but I do not understang I am newbie in kodular



I tried with custom webviewer extension and same thing :confused:
Even worse now it’s accessing fine location also!!