Read write external storage

I created an app that doesn’t require external storage permission to operate. But when I see the manifest file of my app there is stated that it uses read/write external storage permissions. I’m afraid that my app will not follow the google’s new policies. I’m new to Kodular. Please leave some positive replies.

Storage components used:
Firebase DB, Tiny DB

Extensions Used:

Thank You!

No. Anyway, welcome!

Neither of your storage components require a storage permission, contact the extension developers.

Who developed what

Yes that extension needs storage permission because it creates inbuilt components dynamically (seems it is the first ever dynamic component extension :wink: ).
So it is safe to remove those permissions from manifest if @Subarna_Poudel want to read/write only from asd.

Or download the Dynamic Components extension and make your own list view, without the permission :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Even that will require permissions :sweat_smile:
The problem is not because of extension; it is because of components which get created dynamically.
For example, you can’t prevent Dynamic Image component from asking storage permissions.

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Because it’s highly outdated, just like the list view extension :grin:

…created using DynamicComponents extension.

That doesn’t even make sense… Oh right.

What should I do to remove those permissions because I don’t know how to decode application.

You can use APK Editor Studio.

You can also create your own custom list view using the Dynamic Components extension.