FileTools : Some tools to work with files

Copy block can over write the files and Move block can replace the files

your file name and destination path file name should be same to overwrite or replace file

Can you give me a Demo app with the coding you said

On android 11 copy txt file not working
Copy file from android/data/packagename/test.txt to storage/emulated/0/test.txt
Please reply

How can I save txt file on external storage like

Please reply how can i rename a file using this extension

As you are testing on Android 11 so does your app own those files? Were they downloaded from your app?

Is it work with android 11

Is it worked on android 11

Only if files belong to your app.

  • What kind of file (media / non media)?
  • Where is this file located?
  • Where does this file come from?

Show your relevant blocks.

Answer all questions:

Actually the app is for my own purpose no need to publish

I saw this and i tried but after this also it is unable to acess Android/obb
I want to just rename files in obb with my app

Thanks, seems to works like a charm here to verify and delete the file