Taifunfile extension not working on Android 11 version

Try this: listMp3sFromSDcards.apk (5.3 MB)

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That’s exactly what I need, how do I get it? Could you please pass me the blocks or the aia? I’ve tried everything and I can’t solve the problem.

listMp3sFromSDcards.apk (5.3 MB)

Does anyone know which extension or component can be used to play a list with folders for mp3 music selection like in this application Anke sent?

please be patient until you get the answer from @bodymindpower
you should be able to do it with any file extension…


This is all you need:

Look carefully at my blocks (left) and yours (right) and then you will find your mistake.
(A bit of guesswork is required, but it’s very obvious!)

I made the correction but it still doesn’t work, it doesn’t find the mp3 files and it closes automatically. What can go wrong? I’m running on Companion.

Post the aia.

Browsestorage.aia (35.1 KB)

Which version of the TaifunFile ext. do you use?
Use version 13a or 14:


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it doesn’t work for me too, I’m trying to find and load all the images that are on my SD card, but it can’t find them …
my blocks …

As I said, use the current version of the ext.

Version 12 is used in the aia above…

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where can i find the current version of ext?

Scroll to the end of page


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The problem was this, for the layman to discover these things is almost impossible, thank goodness there are experts on the subject. Thanks a lot for the help. I’d still like to ask one more question: how can I include a Dialog Progress while fetching the audios, I’ve tried it but the progress is suppressed. Thank you very much.

I am using taifunFile for copy file from private to external storage but didn’t work on android 11.
File type is txt.
Please reply

You can no longer store a (non-media) file in an arbitrary folder of the external storage on Android 11+.

See also here:

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