How to request query in rapid api

Hey ,I requested header and but I don’t how to request query look at my following block and code
Somebody please help me out

Maybe You Will need POST This 2 parameters ( seriesid = 999999
&matchid=99999 ).
Your web.URL Will be https://devi132-cricket…scorecards.php

i know that i just wanted whats the procedure for req query , remaining i knw

Did you understand what I answered?

tell me how to post

May be using this:

i knw that block i said what to post , u mean code as it is ?

Did You Read ?
Everything we answer, you say “I know”. Do you want ready blocks?

see its already got solution but the problem is there is only 1 req but i have 2 req

i understood about your posting ill defenitly try it.

Did You see &matchid=99999 ?

ill try and let you know

according to that documentation snippet, GET is used…
however it would make more sense to use the documentation for a RESTful API rather than Node.js…


i use node js bcz of by below guide im able to get data easily by dictionary

however it looks like your question is about how to send the request rather then processing the result?
to have a working request would be the first step to do…


i just wanted , how to request querry , thats it remaining thing i can do it

Yes. I saw it was get. But it could be POST …