How to retrieve data from firebase

I want to get data from Firebase. I want to use dynamic cards, labels and images for this. After retrieving images and links from Firebase, when click on the image inside the card view, Then the second screen will open and the link will open through the web viewer۔How will all this happen?

Please search in community. Since you are new, please spend some time with community… learn and construct. If you are unable to do or met with an error comment here again, then people will help you, surely. All the best.

please suggest some topics

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did not get my solution help me out

  1. Show your fireDB structure
  2. How you are storing images in fireDB?
  3. Have you tried anything?,if so show yours. We will help you then.

nothing done

Show your Firebase structure

No Idea how to draw

Why do have to use firebase and all?

When screen initialize directly you can show all the labels, dynamic cards, images, and user clicks on any card view concern website can be designed to open in next screen. Inorder to work simple, you are trying for complex one.

It is ok but need AIA

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