How To Reward User After 3 Days

hey i have make a refer system in my app but there is a problem in my app. when any user refer another person and he join my app. he get rewards instantly but i want to give the reward him. After when the Reffered user use my app for 3 days . Can i do this with clock component?
If you have any idea please say me immediately . it is a request .

Thanks in Advance

Ya you can… You have to create a countdown for that…

please show me the blocks ?

Yes, you can use the clock. No, you can’t do it with only the clock. You want to make sure the other user uses your app for 3 days, not that 3 days have passed since the invite. You shouldn’t use a countdown for this.
Instead, use a Firebase Database and set a Clock to go off every 20 seconds. Turn “Always Fire” off. And whenever the timer goes off, get a list in the Firebase Database. If today’s date isn’t already in there, add it. And have a seperate list for each email. (You need some way to tell the user who downloads the app was from an invite.) When 3 list items are in the list for the invited person, do the reward.
Blocks will be edited in soon.

hey please show the blocks how to do it . it’s my big request.

On the person who got invited, do this:

On the inviter person’s side, make sure you save whoever you invited into a TinyDB.

For the simpler things, make sure this topic is “How To Reward User after 3 Days”. Don’t branch off into other stuff.

please provide me a aia file

Why? You got the blocks. You just have to put some time in it.

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Because they don’t even want to give small effort to earn! :crazy_face:

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Someone: doesn’t give aia file
The person asking: this worst builder and community i am leaving kodular :rage:

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Put some effort into it. People is already doing the job for you, because you don’t want to think. And is not about not wanting to share it with you. It about learning: If you do the blocks by yourself, you may start understanding better how to do it yourself.


Thanks Italo,Peter and kendell_r.

i did’t understand how it’s work give me aia file please or apk file.
it only help me to understand quick .

Why not try to recreate the blocks @kendell_r provided?

It’s your time to do that you have blocks if you stuck then help you but aia is not possible

What exactly would you understand Quickly if aia or apk will be provided?

Yes, Vaibhav

okay no problem . don’t provide me any aia file . But please make a seperate video on this .
it help me to understand