How to run a facebook ads campaign for app installer

Please help me to this topic i have keep searching to it in year now.
When i promotes my apps in facebook ads campaign, the option of app installers cannot be selected because no SDK tool to track app installs.
Is there any way to fix it

I think you should ask Facebook Community as well better guidelines

I have already, that why i ask here to get any one have try this for kodular app.

You have asked this question on the Niotron community here. Please don’t spam multiple forums and only ask in the forum of the builder you are using.

I have delate the topic from niotron because i am not niotron builder i am here in kodular for 3 years now please remove ignore no option from my topic it was mistake to ask from there

It seem no any guide from kodular team, this make me difficult to pay for premium because my apps earn less than what i will pay form month due to low number of installers. So please take this serious

I know you won’t want to hear this, but…

First concentrate on creating a high quality app that lots of people install and use on a regular basis. Then worry about monetisation.

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3 years in kodular making apps, my app get users and everyday people visites, i earn every month 12$ to 20$ and some month less than 5$
I keep searching and asking. I have see people run Google ads and some facebook ads for promoting their apps and that is the safe way of promoting apps. Going to Google ads its much cost but facebook ads everybody can afford, promoting to facebook ads require SDK for tracks app installers kodular app have no that SDK, there is the guide from their website to integrate their SDK but bunch of code is required and my self i use kodular because i dont know well codding. And we know promoting app and share link is not recommended.
So i am asking that help as previous users ask the SDK integration for kodular app to be promoted in facebook ads for app installer.

Still no help

When someone has an answer and wants to help you they will. Everyone on here is a volunteer and under no obligation to provide you or anyone else with help. So please just be patient and wait for someone to help if they can.

It seem that no one had answer to this, so i request kodular staff to give us the answer and guide.

I’m also in search. Is there any extension?