How to run list in background

I need to show (main list for search) but at the same timein background (url list) must be run

Yeap it is possible by using anothe add items to list () item () block.

But instead of using that why dont to use with the number, and with that number you can take the url list instead of background running

how will i use, can you tell me

But the problem is you have selected the item from url list only, then what you want to run in background?

i woold like to select item from main list for search, but when do like this there is error of length of index is less than 1

then check up your url_list first. Whether you are getting all the datas properly from airtable then try this method…

in normal case all data properly, but when search and new search list appear, then this problem occurs.

it means your search items may not match with url list.
Can you show few of your global main list for search and url list? there by we can suggest

Btw, in my app i have designed like this to get properly the url and thumpnail and so on…

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