How to save a canvas

Hello everyone.
Newbie question.
I need a little help please, I am trying to save edits on my canvas to my mobile, this is what i have in the blocks.

As far as i can tell i have done this correct, but when i try and test it on the app, I am unable to save anything.
Does anyone with more experience see what i have done wrong, and if so please can you tell me what i need to do to fix this.
Thank you very much

Make the filaname starts with /. If you want to put it to a folder then use /Folder/image.jpg

Like This ?

Thank you
I am not sure if i did it correct, but it did not work, I am still unable to save to my mobile.
Do you have anything else i can try please.
Thank you

get global SaveCount

*Sorry for not showing in blocks. I’m not in my computer right now;
*You can change the word “Folder” for any other.

Thank you very much but that did not work either.
I am using a Motorola Moto X Play is it because of my mobile ?

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I tried this on my MotoG 5S and it worked fine for me:


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It must be my phone, as i have done it exactly the same as you have above and still it will not work, I have searched every file and folder on my mobile but nothing shows up.

Thank you
Ok So it seems it was the mobile, after restart the files show up and save.
Thank you very much for your help.


Try moving the set global SaveCount to get global SaveCount + 1 above the evaluate but ignore result instead of below so it doesn’t accidentally overwrite the previous picture if your device is slow. Just to be cautious.

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Thank you very much that is a very handy trick.
I had to get a Motorola Moto X play as my G4 Play charge port broke, thought i was getting an upgrade LOL but the X is slow, cant wait till my old mobile is fixed.

Ok i am still having a few problem s with the save function.

I really do not understand, when i first tried it, it saved, and i have the files on my mobile.
Does anyone have any idea how i can fix this please.
I have tried various solutions, it should be working as it did work once before, but now no matter what i try i can not get this canvas file to save to my mobile.

Here is my full code.

and save section close up.

I am at a total loss as to why it is not working.
Thank you

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