How to Save a file as .csv with incoding to support multiple languages

I’m trying to export some data to an excel sheet and managed to figure out how to format .csv files
this is the format I landed on and it works fine for my use:


the problem is I’m trying to use Arabic names and when I open the .csv file they appear as some random unsupported characters like “Ø·Ùا٠ÙØ­Ùد” after searching the internet I figured it’s something to do with encoding but how can I fix it?

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Please prepare a small test project as small as possible and add it into this thread, so someone can check…


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see, there is no such error even though in this big number of lists… already tried by @Boban in this How can i load big data(12600rows) from csv file using kodular dynamic without lag or freeze - #67 by Boban if possible have a look at this

I’m not loading from I’m exporting text data as .csv and if I use arabic characters they can’t be read by the system because the file doesn’t have the needed encoding

save_as_csv.aia (35.3 KB)

just found a the solution

So this query is not releated to kodular but it is excel and its format related

Apparently yes but I couldn’t have know without looking as I’m Still-learning also

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