How to save AirTable images to local storage?

I’m creating an offline image viewer/Editor app.

Placing too many images on app’s asset can cause the app to get bigger. So what I want is to put the images on the air-table spreadsheet or somewhere else. And when the app opens first time, it would save all the images in the local storage or TinyDB. And the user could view and edit from the app easily.

Please guide me how to do that?

This :point_down: tutorial by @Taifun may provide some help

How to overcome the App Inventor project limit of 30 MB

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It’s very easy to do that, you’ll need to load image directly from internet or download and show.
Once you download image from internet then the image can be used offline too. Or show it directly from internet.

I don’t think getting image from airtable is easy, so upload the image somewhere like firebase storage or anywhere, then save the link in airtable database. Here to just show you I have taken a variable with a “Google” Image.

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if you want to download and load image then you can use this method, first it will check if the local storage or tiny DB is empty, if empty it’s not downloaded yet, so it downloads from the url of the variable. If it’s not empty it will directly load image which was saved when downloaded.

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After download complete it will store the path where it’s being downloaded and will also image will be set using the path.

You can use the local storage or tiny DB path to load images also when offline.

To load directly from internet, use “Image Utilities” component which loads image directly from the internet by the path given.

Also you can use this extension for further features loading images directly. By @DevYB

Also check this AIA -Guide (1).aia (2.6 KB) Please remove " (1) " before importing.

Hope it helped :grinning:


Thank you so much for your kind support, it really helped me.

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