How to save dynamic label to DB in order

How to save dynamic label to DB in order.
4 …

There are 15 rows.
and how do i pull it sequentially.

There is a math error. I have to send them all first in order. I have to withdraw later.

Try to use
For each number from (1) to (length of the tags) by (1)…

Id id not a list

Please can you tell me do you need get value from db or save value in db​:interrobang::interrobang:

But you I’d is number only na??

If not while id creation time just add the id’s into a global list and here use length of that list. Matter over

I hope above method will store the items in each tag orderly… If not try listutil extension

I want to save value first, then retrieve value. These will be sequentially.

Show your dynqmic component creation procedure also click Do it in tindb tags. So that we can understand your problem. Also if it gives any error pls be post

Yes the topic is unclear.
If he can show all the blocks we can help


I want to see all values ​​except dynamic buttons when the application is opened.

I sent the blocks

The problem does not come sequentially when pulling data from the DB. The last value I sent is coming.

I threw the blocks please help

this method didn’t work either

Is there anyone? There is only 1 of this question in the codes. If we solve it, how many people’s problems will be solved in the future?

here you cannot use label, instead use add item to the list, and after this for each number block, set this label to catch that global list… you will see the result

Also your method will give either no result or empty string. Because you are saving two items into this list… but here you are trying to pick nth item of list. So surely u will get errir

if you send the aia, let me check it. also instead of using default dynamic button block, you can use dynamic component extension created by @yusufcihan , it is fantastic option for this…

I will try to learn that component as well.

There is no connection with your blocks set up and your expectations it seems. without knowing what will present in the global variable it is hard to explain you further… also your language is not able to understand. let we wait someother to help in this regard.

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