How to save image and text into offline database from firebase?

after getting image and text from firebase into app online, then how to image and text save automatic into mobile, if we open app second time without internet, show image text offline ?? how to do this !! please

how to firebase images EncodeImage and DecodeImage Base64 String,
also firebase images offline open or not? if first time load images online second time offline open or not?
anyone have a tutorials

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Anyone, please how to make image slider from firebase images…

once all images load when app online, then second time can load all images offline without internet? it is possible

U have to buy extension
If not…
Then use tiny db with image to base64 and save everytime
And use colin tree image slide.

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you have a any tutorials on it? bcz i trying but can’t !
how to save firebase images into sd card or tinydb also how to showing images from tinydb

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