How to save Image with the help of TinyDB?

hey guys but how to load all assets in TinyDB.
When our app open first time.
Is it possible ?

After load assets in tinydb .
open files offline in our app

Nice guide :ok_hand:

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

But why do you want to load app assets in TinyDB? :thinking:

Becous the new policy of play consol says that
When our app installed and open
Then app says download assets in your app
To click allow
Then app runs

I think this policy updated on April 2020
And I want to add offline features in my app
Can yo help me please



Are you have any idea of that

Check if this helps. It helped me to avoid asking for permission when reading asset files.

I want to store html files in tinydb
I can’t now that can you help me

You are hijacking the topic here. Don’t post unrelated questions in topics that has nothing to do with what you are asking.
Start your own topic about one specific problem you have.

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Becouse I want to show my data offline
And store data in another storage like airtable,fierbase, tinydb etc but show them offline

You have to use if then block to achieve this.
When the user will open your app for the first time, then download all the files from online database and save them in TinyDB.

As you will download the files from online storage, you will get the path of the file. Now save that path in your TinyDB and you can show them in your app later. :slight_smile:

Please please show your blocks

Okay. wait. I will update my reply in sometime.

Edit: Here’s the block.

Hope it will help you. :slight_smile:


Im so glad i find this after a few hours

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Glad it helped you.

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