How to save this data

Hello i create dynamic gridview using dynamic extension.
how to save the data on tinydb? so that each selected card color is stored in tinydb.
so when the app is reopened, that is
the colored card was still the same colored as before

This my block

blocks (10)

See an example below and modify your blocks according the general idea. In my example when screen initialize calls tinydb and when cardviews created if id number is already in tinydb bgcolor is set to light blue else is set to white. When any card view click it checks whether the id is in tinydb’s list and if color is light blue it changes to white and save it to tinydb and vice versa. Hope that helps


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Thank you :slight_smile: it works :+1:

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hello, sorry i bothered you. I have tried the instructions above and it works. but I had trouble implementing it in my app. can you help me, i have tried many times but failed. I attach .aia if you wish to help.
bacaalkitab.aia (39.3 KB)

Here you go

bacaalkitab_1.aia (39.8 KB)

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

But you didnt mark @dora_paz post as solution, They have spend time for your query and worked for you. If you do so, in future if people are searching like your query they then they also can get benefit of this solution…

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Ok i have mark it

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