How to screenshot, custom dialog (notifier) screen?

I am using Custom Dialog (notifier) and a button to trigger the notifier, which is located in the custom dialog arrangement itself.

When I call screenshot.take screenshot, for fraction of seconds, custom dialog disappears and screenshot event provides me something else (earlier arrangement, from where I have activated the custom dialog) than the current screen i.e. custom dialog.

any suggestions?

Please share your Blocks so members can understand what mistake have you done

Let me check…
For quick fix use component to image extension
Search for it

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If you just want to take screenshot of custom dialog then use the extension component to image

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Extension CompnentToImage

It is working fine in the companion but not working in baked apk, when installed.

What can be the possibilities?

I tried in 4 different phones. All were on MIUI 11. (Redmi Note 5pro, 6pro, 7pro & 8pro)

Something is related to Read Write Permissions.

My app is not asking for any permission when installed.

Calling Write Permission solved my problem for now.

This allowed ComponentToImage to work properly on all devices.

Thank you @OfficialDjJohn for your suggestion and @Soham_Shah for your link to the extension.


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