How to secure download files?

How to secure download files???

You pm me just now I checked I think it better to answer here.

Use “.” To hide file and it depends on you how use the file like you can zip the data and unzip data whenever you want and delete it from within your app. Use password protected zip and you was talking about pdf in my pm so upload your pdf to app asset and use them from assets. Use own logic to secure the file and I think you can’t save big files in /data/data/ Only small file you can keep.

A rooted device can access the /data/data/ so no one can save data from user but you can use own logic to secure it.

Please explain with block

At least try it and then tell us where you have problem we will help you to solve your problem. And what kind of file you are trying to secure it and what kind of app is your ?

My app is animals lovers they get detail for pet animals
There have many file like parts of body

online app or offline app it is ?

Create a topic about to discuss or message me. This not right topic to discuss

It is offline app

But pdf data is on drive

How u settup block in your app

Better you directly the show pdf online itself from gdrive. That will be better than download, encrypt, decrypt etc etc…

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But there is big file. So I will try offline

In such case you cannot use encryption . Do no attempt to save in assest too. It will bring headache to app. Better show it from gdrive. Don’t try to use big size pdf file. It will crash sometime your app or even will not compile into apk

i never made this type of app because now days these app not used more as per previously used. use ftp server to load file from it or firebase etc…

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There is any or idea to work

you try it and show block here so we will tell you the answer and google drive is not good option to show pdf because of limit request. you not try anything and asking answer here first try it and show us what you have made till now.

Is there any limit for accessing gdrive file?? I don’t think so… in my school 2500 students are there. During exam time we distribute q.p through gdrive only. So far we didn’t find trouble. Only network and the speed only hindrance

yes there is a limit in google drive for public links. file will be suspended due to large amount of traffic for free user.