How to secure my app not to open in clone version

I will add signature matching today if I can find the time.

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@david Not in all cases, but in some yes.

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ok is you know any way how to prevent form app clone except signature

Im magisk user but when comes to app developer, magisk hide is annoying :sweat_smile::joy:

@cian Please Give me this answer

try this blocka

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ok let me try

Correction = set the value to false.

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You need to check to see if it was installed by a proper store,

Applications like Cloner usually change your application’s package name so you can retrieve package name and check if it is changed or not, via the block available in the extension.

You can also check to see if it is running on external storage.

Checks are also done to make sure test-keys and dev-keys parameters are not enabled.

The final is to ensure you watch for debugging, and watch for TracerPID as it shows hooks ito the processes of the system that should not be there.

I will add a signature matching function later.

With all of those options together, I think you are in a pretty good spot.


David, try this APK and see what the results are on your device please

HackProtectTest (18).apk (4.2 MB)

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Im sorry im feeling sleepy. i will try on morning and report to you ASAP :hugs:


I did not know about this .But very helpfull for me.Is you can tell how to do it ?

did it worked ?

This is done in the new BadDeviceFlags block. Will be released hopefully today

I really want to get IsMockLocation working properly, and perhaps a signature check.

Good.When you give us your latest version brother

Hopefully in the next 8 hours.

Its nearly 1000 lines of code now.

I don’t know if this will be possible but if you can’t you can get the packages of all the most downloaded apps like parallel on playstore and check if they are installed at user’s device. If it is you can close the app or disable some functions.

I do have package searching as part of it. However I am doing some other things like port inspection, cpu timer thresholds and some other complicated stuff to try to detect systems that are hiding.

I also am adding some hook detections, to see if an app is hiding a function. I found that I needed to rename a few functions because the emulator bluestacks would intercept them and not let them run. I am now detecting those.

In short my update is taking longer then expected, but it is very robust.

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Should be out today!!