How to secure my app not to open in clone version

Now in these days many people clone apps using parallel space . I wanted not to open clone version of my app .Means when someone clone my app and open the app , it’s show “it is clone version”.How can i do it ?

Reply me help

Check the Package name on start. If it is cloned then it may be changed. (I Guess)
It may work, I’m not sure.
Try it, and let me know if it works!!




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Great idea , But not working .Someone help me ?

you may also check for signature. im not sure where to check :joy:

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Try using This block

extension required in this block is hackprotect extension by cian here’s the link


Major update coming today!!

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Tell me the update

Well here is a sneak peak at the new blocks . (IsMockLocation is buggy right now)

  • Bad Device Flags are hints that show rooting, or malware

  • Get Device info allows you to look for your own things you discover and try to use if statements if you want

  • Get DebugHackProtect shows you a little deeper as to what was analysed. I do not want to be too transperent in how it works.

  • Has TracerPID looks to see if any of the processes have been hooked into with a debugger or some sort of sniffer. This is really cool.

  • Added support for GalaxyStore checking if it was installed from.

  • Modified ADB Debugging and added further debugger checks.

  • Checks to see if the app is runing from an SD card, which could be a clone,

  • Looks for Xposed Files (which are things associated with Magisk)

  • IsMockLocation is supposed to return if the device is providing a fake location. Working on a bug with it.
    Big improvements to the Emulator check (3 levels of checks), and the rooting check (3 levels of checks)


Here is an APK that is using it. You can try it on a few devices and see how it works.

HackProtectTest (18).apk (4.2 MB)

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A question to you @cian , I did not know how to secure my app .I want to secure my app form app clone like emulator,parallel space,app cloner these. How can i secure by your extention please help me

This not working for me

which version parallel app are you using as there are 4 different version with diffrent package name.

I am using

  1. xposed files present is not working i have exposed installed and it is not detecting it.

@cian is your IsRooted block able to detect magisk now?

how to get singnature ?

If anyone give me this answer ,please tell me

Yeah, it is not perfect. It is very hard to detect.

Still working on it.

I will add signature matching today if I can find the time.

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