Instant Identity Confirmation. Kaywic. Know Your Customer


This is Kaywic. Know Your Customer.


Kaywic allows you to take a photo of someone, and their ID and it willl determine if it is the same person or not. It will watermark the photos, and allow for the creation of a PDF report so you can keep a record.

This is very handy to reduce fraud for Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Mortgage Brokers, or any other transaction where the identity must be more certain.

Everyone gets 3 reports free per month. Subscription and Consumption offerings are available. Fully GDPR Compliant. No logins, no retention of data!


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App Store/Download link:

This is 4500 blocks big :slight_smile, so no the AIA is not being released. I just updated the production APK so it might take a few hours to propagate.

To Do

Graphics, and some UI tweaks. It works, and it works well so we will start with that.


keep up the good work :sunglasses:

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Was it Really Necessary to block out Rooted Users?? Because the app seems to shut down When Pressing Let’s Get Started

Yes . I dont want anyone trying to spoof api keys or the data from the tinydb. I gotta show my users I have taken extra security steps

Do you get a warning that your device is rooted?

I got a Warning my Device is rooted but i bypassed it easily. I am able to use the app but on the Intro Popup if i press Let’s Get Started it Closes the app


Well the new version that is on Playstore wont let you bypass it :slight_smile: . Just needs a few hours to get through their system

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I don’t think your app is closing because of root

Let’s seee​:smirk:

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here is a link for the new one

Still i am able to bypass it. But your app doesn’t shows get started and closes after sometime. Not sure Because of root or anything

The app is not auto closing after 4 seconds?

Are you getting this warning?

I am not getting any warning. It just auto closes. I think you broke your app… The app in the Playstore has the same issue

I am able to do anything in your app for 4 or 5 seconds then the app auto Closes

Arghhh . Thank you, I have no idea what is happening. No sleep for me right now.

Check Your Screen Initialize Block. The Problem is there. Btw i can still bypass root and all other security features

I fixzed it. My new loop to try to lock up the Root detect clock was auto enabled in Designer window.

Delete the old version to clear out the tinydb.

Here is the new link.

Yes Now Working Fine in a Rooted Device :wink:

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There is one more issue… While Trying to buy something this comes up …

There is a typo in the message too

Can you test my extension to see if it identifies your device as rooted?

Now what is wrong with the purchasing? I just got the same error. UGGH . It was all working and now it all broken. What happens if you click one of the subscription options to buy? Does it give you a price

Yes It Gives me the Local Price and i am able to buy but this pop-up keeps showing for no reason