How to seet days that we visited

hello i want to ask about this badge


can we see how much days we have seen consecutive

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visit 100 days continuously on community

Just remember when you started!
And if you don’t visit one day, reset your counter. Start counting 100 from the next day.
I guess you can do that instead of asking Kodular to keep a count of that :slight_smile:

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seems tough

hmm I have a way to find it
Have you tried it by downloading this


If no then download your activity after download there is a zip file will downloaded then open it.
There is a file named visit open it in microsoft excel or any spread sheet and you can see there your all seens by date



Let me do that

Yes I can see my all seens and also more much my all post and all topics

Thank u very much

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mark it as solution

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already marked

i din’t saw may be net issue

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