How to select a dynamic arrangement

how to select a dynamic arrangement, since there is no “when click” block on the dynamic arrangement?


What is a clickable component you have made while making a Component dynamically??

For Example if you are have made card view clickable then

Reply if you have any doubts??

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I created a dynamic label, in a dynamic space.
neither the blocks nor the designer offer “when dynamic label click” or “when dynamic space click”

How did you do that? Are you using an extension or the built in components?
Can you upload some screenshots describing how did you do it?

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You completely misunderstood it.
Space can’t accept any other view.

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I use the built-in components.

There were many guides in the community with open source aia . Make a habit of searching and understanding on your own before creating the topics.
It will help you a lot to understand different things.

Here I will give you some example ;

If I am creating 5 card view dynamically in vertical scroll arrangement then;(Remember Each Id should be unique)

Now to set the card views properties;
Either we can do,


Now to add click event, you should make card view clickable so,

And to detect

Also as we know, we have made card view with IDs, CardView1, CardView2,CardView3,CardView4,CardView5 meaning we can find index(last number only) and use it.

Now Open Creator, make a test project and try until you get it.

And I wish it is a solution.

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He said he is using built in dynamic components. Your explanation is quite good but it is using an extension.
and @Simonetta can you post an screenshot of your blocks ?

Hello and thank you very much for your response.
It’s still a bit complicated for me, but I understand the “spirit” and analyze your answer.
Cordially thank you very much

He has switched to the Dynamic Component Extension and now he didn’t find how to have a click event.

See his first post :slight_smile:

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