How to select all airports for a country

Hello. I have an airport list (11000) and I would like to select all airports for a country in a new list without going through a loop. Is it possible ?
thank you in advance

store your airport list in a table in the sqlite database and get your airports for a country by using a select statement like this
SELECT airport FROM myTable WHERE country = <selected country>


Thank you. It works.
So I have another question. Is it possible to integrate my SqlLite database into the APK?
thank you in advance

It is a local Database.

Hello. I have trouble expressing myself. What I would like to know is if it is possible to integrate a SqlLite database with the recorded data into the apk. thank you in advance

Friend, I posted the link where it shows the Kodolar Sqlite component. This component is the component that integrates Kodular + Sqlite. You read ?

Yes I read your post correctly. I did this :

test_SQLLite.aia (5.5 KB)
As you can see, I am filling my SqlLite database from a CSV file of 11000 records. This takes more than a minute. What I would like to do is memorize this SQL database and integrate it into the APK to avoid reading this CSV file every time

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Make sure that the database has already been filled. Record in tinydb an information that defines if the database has already been filled or not.