How to select an image from my gallery to send elsewhere

Could you give me a hand to carry out my project, I do not know how to find information related to creating an image selector that when selecting the image makes it available to send by message to another

You can use the image picker component:
And yoy can uplaod it on fire base storage or cloudinary and get its download link which you can share it with any one :wink:

Thanks for the help but the translator doesn’t help me much to understand the blocks, I have an empty project, the image selector and an image, to test I have the block after selection - put image photo as - image selector image. that would be the correct route

Yes that what you should do.But you just need to use one of the methods i’ve munitioned above to uplaod the image so you can share it with any one.Because the path you get from the image picker only work fro your phones but not with the other phones.