How to select ids from specific schema on dynamic components?

Hello, everyone.

I’ve been working with dynamic component’s schema recently and can’t found out how to select specific ids from them. There’s a very popular way here in the community to delete all the components by “UsedIDs” block, but I’m building two schemas and one shouldn’t be deleted after the other is created. Any chance to manage that? Thanks in advance.

Show also the code you’re using

This is what I’m using to clear the ids:

blocks (6)

And I found those blocks on the main thread of the extension and even tried something similar before by filtering the schema’s name on schemacreated. It’s not an option because that value is only available after all components/ids have been created.

I used the same code , you can’t delete all the id or only someone . You see it in the list before start the code ? May be some power user will help you :crossed_fingers:t2:

You mean if there are different ids to each schema? In that case, yes. Like that, they can coexist. I’m putting zeros on ids of schema 2. Example: schema 1 has va1_{number} and schema 2 va01_{number}.